Friday, April 30, 2010

Best Futures Broker Commission Comparison

I've reviewed some of the most popular Futures Brokers available to retail traders and rated them based on Commission. Finding the best broker based on commission should be one of the top factors you have when selecting your broker, because you can save you thousands of dollars per year by choosing the right one. I've put together a table comparing each broker based on their "advertised" commissions. Some brokers are negotiable in their commission rates, so be sure to call the broker your interested in before making the final decision.

Best Futures Broker Table Spread Sheet Comparison

Best Futures brokers comparison 0-1,000k sides/Month

Best Futures brokers comparison 2,000-5,000k sides/Month

Best Futures brokers comparison 5,000-10,000k sides/Month


eyalmaoz on 2:01 AM said...

Good review. Nice work. I wasn't aware Lightspeed had futures. They're certainly cheap, too bad they don't have a proper futures trading platform.

Would be cool to also see your take on other important aspect, like the availability and flexibility of the DOM and management of orders.

Anonymous said...

I'm reviewing the most popular trading platforms and will post videos when I'm done with the project.


Anonymous said...

I've used global(rcg clearing) for about 5 years now and I've never had an issue. I'm not an active/big trader so I have much higher rates but the reliability and service makes it worth it. I also use strategy runner platform which is either $50 a mo. or a small fee per trade. If you have another charting software and aren't a scalper SR is fine.

Wes said...

MB Trading got left out of the "sides" spreadsheet, where it would be cheaper than both FuturePath and TradeStation for lower-volume traders. It's not as cheap as IB, but it doesn't have the worst customer service on the planet nor requires a DNA sample to open an account, either.

Allen said...

400-2000 RT per month Never pay above 3.80 a RT. Global screwed me back in 2004. Like RCG, Transact & use Sierra Charts $26 a month

banglacow on 2:54 PM said...

thank you for your review

was really considering IB+TWS as broker for trading and TS+Esignal as charting

However seriously considering the overheads.

Would be looking at your video again

and I thank you for you invaluable service down.

Thank you sir

Bestfuturesbroker on 5:29 AM said...

Hi thnaks for the informative breakdown but you left out a couple of the brokers you were supposed to review, anyway being in Europe Ive been looking for a low commission ,low margin,futures broker based in Europe and you may want to review this company only european based futures broker ive been able to find with US style low cost pricing

Jook said...

Good Review. Optimus Futures does have a good plaforms for the Eminis, and I have been with them for 5 year. No issues.

Ed on 1:02 PM said...

If you buy ninjatrader you won't have a monthly fee, I'm concerned about global as they where recommended to mme but I've heard people having issues with slippage

futures trading on 12:24 PM said...

I use United Futures. Been with them for 6 years. I currently pay $3.70 all in for emini, but I do about 3000 per month. I have been using QST for last 3 years and like it a lot. I like it more than strategy runner or ninja.

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