Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trading Blogs

Here are some Trading's Blogs Taken from my Bookmarks-
10 Financial Rules for Life
Across the Curve
Action Points
Ajay Shah's blog
AMT Trading
anarco's blog
Angry Bear
Anomalous Material
Anticipating PPT Days
Austinp’s Blog
b z b t r a d e r: Reading the market
BackTesting Blog
Beanieville Inc.
Behind The Spread - Your Portal for the Investment Community
Bespoke Investment Group
Between the Hedges
Big Mike's Trading Blog: Recap video for Tue 5/12/09, bar-by-bar
Blog - Daily Options Report
Blog - Jeff Kohler the Option Addict | Stock and Options Trading
By Age 24
Calculated Risk
Capital is Scarce
Chart Swing Trader
COTs Timer Commitments of Traders|Cracking the Market Code/>
CSS Analytics
Curtis Faith's Blog — A Turtle Master's Insights on the Art of the Trade
CXO Blog - Investing Notes - Stock Market Gurus, Investing Ideas, Market Timing, Economic Indicators, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds
Daneric's Elliott Waves
Day Trader Radio Stock Market Radio Show - Trader Education | Live Alerts | Technical Analysis
Day Trading Journal
Dividend Growth Investor
Don Miller Trading Journal: Out of Hiding
Dynamic Trader Forex Blog
E-Mini Player: EMini S&P 500 Futures Trading Journal
ES Index Futures Analysis
ES Trader
Excel Trader
Fickle Trader
Forex Blog | Currency Research | Kathy Lien
Forex Intraday Trading
Forex Signal & Analysis
Gaming the Market: Focus on Market Manipulation
Hack the market
Hedge Fund
Hedge Fund News
Hedge-> The post gap trade
High Probability Trading: Trading Blogs
How I Day Trade
Howard Lindzon
Hunt for the daytrade: Trades for 9-17-09
Jim Rogers
JMOT's Blog - Towards Financial Freedom with Options Trading
Johnson's Trading Blog
Kevin's Market Blog
Knight Capital Management
Lebowski Research Institute for Capital Gains
Long & Wrong
Market Rewind: Anatomy of a Day
Markets and Where They Are Going With Charts
MarketSci Blog
MetaTrader 5
Michaelarold's Blog
Milk Trader
My Screens | What the $%@&* Trading!
Notable Calls
Order Flow: Statistical Studies**Constantly Updating**
Pattern Profits
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed
PRD day trader
Proprietary Trader
Quantifiable Edges
Quantitative Trading
Reaper Trades
S&P E-mini Trader
Samurai Trader
Securities Trading from Both Sides of my Brain
Simon Super Trader
Simplicity in Trading
SMB Capital – Day Trading Blog
Speculator Ed's Blog: Ed's Volume @ Price / Bar Indicator
Stock Trading Ideas - Free Stock Picks, Stock Trades and Trading Resources
StockRake | Mostly index trading, while finding the next swing trade opportunities
Strictly Market Profile
swing trading | top websites | stock technical analysis | financial interviews
System Drawdown
System Trading with Woodshedder
Team LBR
Technical Analysis: Hard Right Edge technical analysis, swing trading and day trading tools, education and original strategies for day traders and swing traders
The Big Picture
The Buffalo Trader
the evil speculator - one nefarious trade at a time
The Gap Guy - Gap Guy Blog
The Lonely Trader
The Stock Market Advantage
The Trend Follower
Tipster amibroker
Trade to learn
Trader Eyal
TraderFeed: Trading Screens and Trading Decisions: Finding What Works for You
Trading Blog - Trader's Narrative
Trading Craze
Trading is Fun: +6.1 pips = 91.5 cents
Trading RM, LLC.
Trading The Mini's
Trading the Odds
Tuxedo Cat's Profit Flo
Tyro Trade Forum | All posts tagged 'money-management'
Vaporize COMEX CountDOWN « Meltdown 2011
Wall St. Warrior: NR7
WALL STREET FIGHTER | Business News and Money Tips for Men | Wall Street Interviews, Career Advice, and Business News
Zero Hedge


Silver Eagle on 8:06 PM said...

there is some good links there thanks for sharing

ainkurn on 8:39 PM said...

thanks for the list. I have been out of the trader blogging loop so long that I had lost all of my bookmarks between system upgrades.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Have a look at it's a work in progress.

Bulk sms on 7:07 AM said...

it is the best site for blogging ,i came to know about a lots of information through your sites,
i really appretiate.thanks for sharing.

options trading

FuturesTraderNews on 5:46 AM said...

Great List thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for that big list. Definitely a few sites I have not been to yet that I want to check out.

Swing traders of stocks and ETFs may find a lot of useful educational trading articles, resources, and ideas at

The strategy has been shared with online traders since 2002, through books as well.

Thanks again for the list.

Commodity BLOG on 12:36 PM said...

This is a good one as well:

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