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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trading Blogs

Here are some Trading's Blogs Taken from my Bookmarks-
10 Financial Rules for Life
Across the Curve
Action Points
Ajay Shah's blog
AMT Trading
anarco's blog
Angry Bear
Anomalous Material
Anticipating PPT Days
Austinp’s Blog
b z b t r a d e r: Reading the market
BackTesting Blog
Beanieville Inc.
Behind The Spread - Your Portal for the Investment Community
Bespoke Investment Group
Between the Hedges
Big Mike's Trading Blog: Recap video for Tue 5/12/09, bar-by-bar
Blog - Daily Options Report
Blog - Jeff Kohler the Option Addict | Stock and Options Trading
By Age 24
Calculated Risk
Capital is Scarce
Chart Swing Trader
COTs Timer Commitments of Traders|Cracking the Market Code/>
CSS Analytics
Curtis Faith's Blog — A Turtle Master's Insights on the Art of the Trade
CXO Blog - Investing Notes - Stock Market Gurus, Investing Ideas, Market Timing, Economic Indicators, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds
Daneric's Elliott Waves
Day Trader Radio Stock Market Radio Show - Trader Education | Live Alerts | Technical Analysis
Day Trading Journal
Dividend Growth Investor
Don Miller Trading Journal: Out of Hiding
Dynamic Trader Forex Blog FXCPS.co.uk
E-Mini Player: EMini S&P 500 Futures Trading Journal
ES Index Futures Analysis
ES Trader
Excel Trader
Fickle Trader
Forex Blog | Currency Research | Kathy Lien
Forex Intraday Trading
Forex Signal & Analysis
Gaming the Market: Focus on Market Manipulation
Hack the market
Hedge Fund Blogger.com
Hedge Fund News
Hedge->According.ly: The post gap trade
High Probability Trading: Trading Blogs
How I Day Trade
Howard Lindzon
Hunt for the daytrade: Trades for 9-17-09
Jim Rogers
JMOT's Blog - Towards Financial Freedom with Options Trading
Johnson's Trading Blog
Kevin's Market Blog
Knight Capital Management
Lebowski Research Institute for Capital Gains
Long & Wrong
Market Rewind: Anatomy of a Day
Markets and Where They Are Going With Charts
MarketSci Blog
MetaTrader 5
Michaelarold's Blog
Milk Trader
My Screens | What the $%@&* Trading!
Notable Calls
Order Flow: Statistical Studies**Constantly Updating**
Pattern Profits
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed
PRD day trader
Proprietary Trader
Quantifiable Edges
Quantitative Trading
Reaper Trades
S&P E-mini Trader
Samurai Trader
Securities Trading from Both Sides of my Brain
Simon Super Trader
Simplicity in Trading
SMB Capital – Day Trading Blog
Speculator Ed's Blog: Ed's Volume @ Price / Bar Indicator
Stock Trading Ideas - Free Stock Picks, Stock Trades and Trading Resources
StockRake | Mostly index trading, while finding the next swing trade opportunities
Strictly Market Profile
swing trading | top websites | stock technical analysis | financial interviews
System Drawdown
System Trading with Woodshedder
Team LBR
Technical Analysis: Hard Right Edge technical analysis, swing trading and day trading tools, education and original strategies for day traders and swing traders
The Big Picture
The Buffalo Trader
the evil speculator - one nefarious trade at a time
The Gap Guy - Gap Guy Blog
The Lonely Trader
The Stock Market Advantage
The Trend Follower
Tipster amibroker
Trade to learn
Trader Eyal
TraderFeed: Trading Screens and Trading Decisions: Finding What Works for You
Trading Blog - Trader's Narrative
Trading Craze
Trading is Fun: +6.1 pips = 91.5 cents
Trading RM, LLC.
Trading The Mini's
Trading the Odds
Tuxedo Cat's Profit Flo
Tyro Trade Forum
Valtinho.com | All posts tagged 'money-management'
Vaporize COMEX CountDOWN « Meltdown 2011
Wall St. Warrior: NR7
WALL STREET FIGHTER | Business News and Money Tips for Men
WallStreetOasis.com | Wall Street Interviews, Career Advice, and Business News
Zero Hedge


Silver Eagle on 8:06 PM said...

there is some good links there thanks for sharing

ainkurn on 8:39 PM said...

thanks for the list. I have been out of the trader blogging loop so long that I had lost all of my bookmarks between system upgrades.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Have a look at trincafe.blogspot.com it's a work in progress.

Rohan on 7:07 AM said...

it is the best site for blogging ,i came to know about a lots of information through your sites,
i really appretiate.thanks for sharing.

options trading

FuturesTraderNews on 5:46 AM said...

Great List thanks for the info!

deronwagner on 10:50 PM said...

Wow, thanks for that big list. Definitely a few sites I have not been to yet that I want to check out.

Swing traders of stocks and ETFs may find a lot of useful educational trading articles, resources, and ideas at http://morpheustrading.wordpress.com.

The strategy has been shared with online traders since 2002, through books as well.

Thanks again for the list.

Commodity BLOG on 12:36 PM said...

This is a good one as well:

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