Thursday, July 19, 2012

Futures Trading Prices and Data Feed

When traders consider futures trading platforms they choose those platforms that have the technical specs, the visual appeal and the stability required in aggregating large files of data. However, traders should also consider two aspects when it comes to trading futures:

1)   Low latency delivery of trades. In the exchanges where institutions compare nano seconds, you should consider data feeds that would deliver your trade as fast as possible.  Keep in mind, in the exchange it’s first in and first out, so the idea of you being a head in your trading execution is important.
2)   Unfiltered data. You can only develop a good methodology if you have all facts so having an unfiltered data will give you a complete picture of what is happening in the market place. Many use aggregate data that simply can skew data that chart traders rely on.

One such data that feed you will find appealing is Rithmic
Rithmic advantages include:
  • Unfiltered data: During volatile periods you get an accurate picture of price activity, because Rithmic provides a very stable data feed. You will actually see true “tick-by-tick” data instead of “data blocks” like most other data providers. You get a clear and instantaneous picture of price activity.
  • Rithmic’s servers are co-located right on the major exchanges and provide high-end stable connectivity and smart order routing solution that can meet the demands of the most demanding retail traders. 
  • Stability:  Rithmic’s infrastructure sits atop the most sophisticated and highly reliable infrastructure and is monitored at all times by top quality programmers

Take a look at futures trading platforms that Rithmic could be applied to: This site belongs to a futures broker  Optimus Trading Group, a brokerage dedicated self directed futures traders.


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