Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ways to make money in the market.

Other choices are actively watching stocks that are very volatile with 5-10% swings intraday on average. I can buy any point and have a 50% chance of 1% for the day. Buy low sell high. Screw arbitrage and looking for 1-5 second discrepancy opportunities for a measley profit, that's a full time job, plus I need an extra 500k an advanced software. You can write out the money puts if you got deep pockets. You can pump small caps. Just don't go buying futures options.

So here's your options to making money in the market:
1.Buy an ETF that tracks a major index.(small cap or Russell 2000 is a good choice)
2.Buy a stock with a high dividend yeild and hold it.(PVX is a good oil company with 11% yeild)
3.Learn how to trade futures and scalp 5-10pts at a time looking for 50pts a day.(on YM)
4.Daytrade/Swing trade small cap volatile stocks.(like biotechs: NVAX,AVII,GNTA,INSM)
5.Day trade high priced volatile stocks with tight spreads.(GOOG is awesome for day trading, but make sure you set your stops, if news pops out, you can be screwed real fast).
6.Use option calendar spreads and make a fair amount each month selling puts and calls that are covered.


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