Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well I was correct, but I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I hate myself. I don't know why I'm living. I'm addicted to a game that I lose at. My analysis was correct. Today, I watched the market selloff. Then for some GOD DAM REASON,,,,no,no, excuse me,,,,no fucking reason at all,,I decide to buy, thinking it would retrace to the 38% fib. It didn't it stayed at 23% for 30-40min while I watched the ticks lose strength and the overall prevailing trend take over. I could have exited for 1-2pts, but I was WISHING for a breakout to the upside. I should have never gotten into that trade to begin with, for gods sake, I bought while the ticks were in the 400-500range, I didn't buy the pullback, I chased the trade. I was given 3 chances to exit to break even, but I failed, I lost 12pts. I SUCK. WHY do I sit and watch the major moves, and enter when things get choppy? I WILL NOT TRADE UNTIL I'M CONSISTENLTY PROFITABLE IN THE SIMULATOR. THAT IS GOAL #1!!!
Goal #2. Do analysis night before, looking at daily and weekly. Check for pending news on alpha1.
Goal #3-You suck,,repeat, you suck,,you suck,,you suck,,you suck. YOU SUCK.
Goal #4-U suck.
Goal #5- take the profit
Goal #6-why and the fuck do you put in such a huge stop loss and only take 2-5pt profit,why,,,why? Answer: You suck


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