Monday, April 03, 2006

Day trading High volume, tight spread stocks

Here's the list of high volume stocks with tight bid/ask spreads:

GOOG =0.06-0.12 (limit target first hour of trading 0.30-0.70 with 0.80 stop, 0.08-0.15 with 0.20-0.80 stop for 1min scalps, during afternoon target 0.10-0.20, 0.50 for breakouts, use trailing stops on news reactions and major trends)

AAPL =0.01 (limit target for 1st hr 0.05-0.30 with 0.08 stop, 0.03 with 0.08 stop for 1 min scalps)

YHOO =0.01 (limit target 0.04-0.06 with 0.06 stop for 1 min scalps, 0.10 for strong trends)

NVAX =0.01 (limit target 0.02-0.06 with 0.12 stop for trade breakouts only, needs more volume and is too sporadic, highly reactive to news, 2 minute variance of 0.06)

HANS =0.20 (limit target 0.10-0.20 with 0.80 stop, 0.80 target for 3 min trends, needs more volume and tighter spreads for better trading)

ISRG =0.08 (limit target 0.08-0.16 with 0.50 stop, 0.30-0.50 for small 3min trends, trade intraday breakouts with trailing stops)

GNBT =0.02 (limit target 0.02-0.06 with 0.06 stop, lock in trailing stops for intraday breakouts and ride it 0.10-0.20)

FNSR =0.01 (limit target 0.02-0.04 with 0.04 stop)

BRCM =0.01 (limit target 0.10-0.20 with 0.20 stop)

ADBE (similiar to YHOO)

VPHM (similiar to NVAX)

IIP (trade breakouts 0.02 target)

ATML (trade the trend 0.04 target, long holding time)

NBR (similiar to AAPL)

KLAC (similiar to NTRI)


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