Sunday, April 30, 2006

James J. Cramer "Confessions of a Street Addict" book review

I'm reading his book "Confessions of a street addict" and I'm really enjoying it so far. I always wondered how hedge funds operated, and this gave me a better clue to how the "smart money" makes there moves.
Once I'm done reading this book, I think I'll give it a complete review. Busy comes to mind when I read what the job was like for Cramer running the hedge fund with his wife Karen, Jeff, and staff, with making calls to CEO's, other firms, analysts, brokers, and spending a ton in commission to keep good contacts for what the brokers were thinking of promoting. Once Karen left the fund, things didn't run as smoothly, because her trading skills really made the Fund the best it could be. Also, Cramer is truely addicted to the market, with the market always on his mind, even when his wife is giving birth and when his mother is dying.


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