Saturday, May 27, 2006

Things to look at:

I'm thinking of a few things:
1.Analyze scalps made in only the first 2 hours of market open.
2.Analyze forex pairs.
3.Analyze earnings reports vs. stock reaction
4.Analyze high dividend stocks, with avg. worst max draw down in a years time.
5.Create option setups (selling calls/puts on futures, directional, vertical and calender spreads)
6.Create biotech watchlist, and swing trade news.
7.Analyze relationship between EURO and US stock market.
8.Create trading system with TS.
9.Put together list of the top 10 things you suck at when trading, and if you are good at anything, list those.

Things we need to bang into our heads:
1.When the market is up, don't short, go long.
2.Trade breakouts of support and resistance, and look for pullback for entry, also, see if having the market in the same direction of the breakout helps.
3.Trade in the direction of the slow moving average, and look for harami and trend continuation patterns.


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