Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New correlation stuff

I found another website where you can run correlation between stocks and ETF's at www.spdrindex.com/correlation. I need to focus more on leading sectors as my leading indicators. I think I'm going to start using Ben the S&P broadcaster to help with my trading. I'm going to see which index is leading and lagging. I believe the Nasdaq has been the leading indicator to where things are headed. The Techs haven't been getting beaten as badly as the other sectors probably because they are already beat down pretty hard. I notice that there was good volume on the moves to the upside today when looking at the indices. Also, the VIX is at 23.81. Great volatility for day trading. I just need to practice and get better. I'm looking at the VIX and it is the smoothest looking chart I've ever seen, with nothing but trianliar patterns.

The question is when this trend line will break. Stocks like TIE and HANS are getting beat down hard, rightfully so. Just when you want to buy something that seems like it will keep going up forever it normally is at a peak and you can suffer some serious loses if you don't use stops.

The VIX today ended up 13.6% at 23.81. The long term trend line on the VIX has been broken. We are in BEAR COUNTRY!

VIX to $30?


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