Thursday, January 25, 2007

Worst day YTD.

I traded against my signals and didn't do tick analysis. I didn't see today as being a bearish day. I'm short, and looking for er2 to drop to 779 tommorow, if we go below that the target is 772. ES and NQ are both setup to drop at the open tommorow. ES target for short is 1424. Overall I traded against my signals, traded too large of size, and didn't use good placement of stops. For some reason I wasn't as stressed as I normally would be when losing so much money. I'm going to have a tough time recovering from this loss.


Derek on 5:50 PM said...

i'm sure you have read, seen, and heard all the usual stuff about bouncing back from an oversized loss. either way, it comes down to figuring out:

1. what happened today
2. what to do tomorrow

i'm really not trying to oversimplify this, but i think it is important that you obectively review today and move forward. losses happen. big losses can happen. but if you don't let go of it, you are more likely to re-enact the loss again and again. and that's no good.

best of luck

HPT on 9:32 PM said...

thanks omni. I traded too large of size and against my trade signals, which are the 2 most important keys to my trading success.

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