Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stock Market is slowing down too much

I was out of town again Monday and Tuesday, and it looks like I didn't miss anything. I probably would have churned myself to death, just kidding. I'm behind on my analysis, I'm going to look at tick highs/lows during the first hour and the corresponding volume seen in the indices during these times. Also, I need to keep track of when the tick stays above/below a certain level after the first hour of trading, which may be an indication of a trend or range day. I'm about 1/4 the way through Dr. B's new book on "enhancing trader performance" and I can say that it is more interesting to read then "trading in the zone". I was thinking that I should write a book on the best trading blogs and websites and compile all the good information these websites provide to give traders a large resource of information and different trading ideas that they can explore. What is the defining point you make when entering trades? What is your thought process before entering a trade, and how is this thought process affected by the visual and auditory information you are recieving while trading? If you trade with candlestick charts does the color of the candle matter to you if you are watching the chart in real time? Do the sounds you here from your speakers of screaming S&P pit traders affect your decisions when trading? How is you environment affecting your trading? How do your goals you set affect your trading?(more stress/pressure or no effect?)


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