Monday, March 12, 2007

Great post by Dr. Steenbarger

Checkout Dr.B's new post- Disgust Yourself: A Framework For Rapid Behavior Change

"What is the basis for the anorexic person's motivation? Not positive self-statements and goal-setting, that's for sure! Rather, the anorexic individual is motivated by disgust. Quite literally, the patient is disgusted by anything that feels or looks overweight--and that disgust is so strong that it keeps food at bay." (

Here's my response to the post-
The same disgust occurs with bodybuilders afflected with bigorexia. I had it badly as a teenager, and it is truly a never ending addiction that you think about constantly. It can screw up your life, but to you, it is the only thing that matters. For some individuals it takes an extreme mind set to be the best at something. You can call it bigorexia, but I still see that I'm small when there is someone more muscular than me at the gym or as long as Ronnie Coleman is alive I will never big enough.(Visually seeing more muscular people than you makes you jealous and disgusted and makes you more determined and motivated to eat more and lift harder). As a trader, I'm still not good enough if I lost money today or someone made more money than me today, I could have made more, I did something wrong and I need to put in the time to learn and correct what I did wrong. With trading, the gym is reviewing your charts and recorded videos of the trading day.

As far as the IV drip induced naseua idea goes, I have a problem everyday. I experience the flight or fight response everyday during my trading, most of the time I get the adrenaline rush before I even enter the trade. My heart rate increases, I sweat, and the most annoying thing of all is having to piss 3 times in an hour. My adrenal glands are going to be wasted in a few years if I keep this up. When I first started trading over a year ago I never had this problem, but now my trading has become a fight everyday, where I worry about even a few ticks that go against me. It isn't a matter of position sizing either, because I get the same response trading 1 contract or even trading on the simulator. It's going to take time and practice to build up my confidence to correct this.

And now for Ronnie Coleman- If this Video doesn't motivate you to lift,,,,then your crazy!


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