Friday, March 02, 2007

Working on a Video

I have spent the majority of the day trying to produce this thing. I first tried producing the whole 90min video and because I increased the playback speed by 1.5x, my naration is messed up, and the file is over 600mb, so I had to try again after 4 hours of work.Arghh....I'm on my 3rd attempt right now, with Google video processing my video, and I have to wait for approval. I'll keep my fingers crossed. If google video doesn't work, then I'll try 3 other video upload websites. I scaled the video back to about 20min and also reduced the frame rate quality which reduces the file size, which will make the upload work through google since the file is now only 93mb. Maybe I will have it done by midnight tonight. I may have to shorten the video into 2 clips of 10min if thise doesn't work. If this does work then my next post I will show you in the video my current trading method.


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