Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 28 Weekend Education

This weekend I'm listening to interviews of some professional traders over at Trader Interviews . I liked this interview of Ken Chow; a fellow Russell 2000 futures day trader that doesn't use any fancy indicators. Ken trades 5-10 contracts per position, looking for 1-2 big moves intraday, and he uses 5min candles, volume, and fibs on his charts to map out his trades.

Here's a great interview by Mitch Cariaga, he talks about cutting losers and how you can't really train the techniques of highly successful traders.

This weekend I'm also scouting dividend stocks for a trading strategy I want to test out. Some helpful websites include:
1.MSN Deluxe Screener- (you need to use Internet explorer for the deluxe version with active X controls allowed, the MSN custom screener version sucks compared to the deluxe version)
2. Dividend Detective
3. Smart Dividend
4. Bull Sector Dividend stocks
5. Ex-dividend
6. Investopedia Dividend Facts


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