Saturday, April 28, 2007

World Market Charts

The Charts on this page are courtesy of
I would like to thank the owner of this website for providing these charts and allowing for them be shared.

World Market Charts-

US Yeild Spread long term

US Yeild Spread

US Ten Year Note

US Ten Year Note Long term view

German Bund

Euro Dollar

Japanese Yen

Japanese Yen

Australian Dollar Futures

Euro Currency

Swiss Franc


China's Shanghai Composite

Australia All Ordinaries Index

Brazil Bovespa Index (weekly)

Crude Oil

Gold and Silver index

Recent Put/Call Options Ratio OEX

NYSE weekly new highs

NYSE Weekly New Lows

NYSE Daily New Highs & Lows

SP 500

Corn (spot)


Orange Juice




NA on 6:17 AM said...

Thanks for the charts LP.

Sami on 3:15 PM said...

THE CHARTS ON THIS PAGE ARE MADE BY not by you. Why don't you acknowledge ownership, provide a link and thank him for the work he does to make the charts? Did the owner of that site give you permission to use them? If not, you are stealing both the IMAGES and BANDWIDTH from the other site! As a fellow webmaster I find it offensive that an informative, well constructed site such as yours should have to resort to improper measures to provide information.

Sami on 3:52 PM said...

I reported this site to the webmaster of and the response from that webmaster said you do not have permission to post his charts either with cut/paste or by linking. He said he would contact you directly. Even though you have a link and a thanks to him on your site, you are still stealing from him. As a webmaster myself, it is offensive for you to do that.

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