Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Chart Setup

My Data provider is Interactive Brokers and my software provider is Quotetracker. I have nothing but positive things to say about both of these companies.

Currently this is my chart setup I have setup using Quotetracker.
Monitor 1-

Monitor 2-

Here are all the symbols for those people using Quotetracker that were wondering.

The data for NYSE and NASDAQ advance/decline cannot be backfilled through IB, as well as the VIX data. In order to get this data you must have these symbols in your active porfolio while connected through IB.

I use two 22" LCD monitors with a dual head Video card.(Nividia GeForce 8800 GT 512mb 625mhz). I have a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Quad processor with 4Gb DDR2 SDRAM memory. I have comcast cable as my internet connection.
Here is a pic of my computer setup.


Jeppetto on 1:49 PM said...

Thank you for this post. Your blog is truly a goldmine!

Anonymous said...

Great info, thanks a lot for posting all this stuff.
I would like to ask if your strategy is also viable for stocks only.
I don't think I can afford trading futures without blowing out my account.
Unfortunately my trading platform sucks and iqfeed's fees seem to be rather expensive for futures.
Ensign software looks nice.
Congratulations on finding a system that works for you.

HPT on 9:23 PM said...

If you trade the dow 30 components then you will see some simularities, but my trade strategy doesn't work as well on stocks. I've been trading ER2 almost exclusively for a year now and I've learned its price action characteristics. Right now I'm mainly trading based off of price action, volume, and NYSE A/D values. I use volume profile analysis for a daily/weekly outlook.

Sami on 7:57 PM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown on 10:43 AM said...

Great post!

On QT, how do I setup the block trade paint bars? and the Market profile horizontal lines (Green and Orange on your chart)?

asisjpg on 3:00 AM said...

Hi--I do trade in NIFTY FUTURE INDEX(INDIA-NSE)--QT is my charting S/W with FREE YAHOO LIVE QUOTES FOR ^NSEI(SPOT DATA)--I have downloaded your QT Charting Tool--but not installed it--please clarify me--if I do install it--then all my existing chart/paint bar alerts system will overwrite--though I may later recover my original from the back-ups--can you sent me a screen shot of your QT charting tool--?? Also can I use your ATS for manual online trading with my Indian Brokerage House (who don';t have any option for ATS)--not with IB

HPT on 7:58 PM said...

Asis, sorry for the late response. I suggest saving your current QT backup fill under a different name (rename it). Then download mine and rename the backfill to whatever you like. I made a video on how to do this. The ATS should work for AUTO TRADING as long as your broker has an API and the order references are the same(ie BUY, MARKET). My guess is that it won't work for your brokerage because of compatibility issues. The signals will work regardless in QT as long as you have a data feed.Good luck.

asisjpg on 5:20 AM said...

Hi--in your chart set up(QT)--there is ART Color bars PB Alert(rule is hidden)--will it work for my chart--I think it is subscription based from AMERI TRADE--I have put it in my chart set up--but it appears that it is not generating any signal--can you provide me the code for it & its implications--also lately I have collected too many PB(s) in QT & using it--but sometimes it is causing confusions & generating contra signals--if you have no problem--I can send you my chart set up for back testing by you & advise me what to keep & what not in the chart set up for simple yet effective day/position trading--

HPT on 11:03 PM said...

Asis, the ART paintbars are subscription based thru TDamer. If you having PB's generating contra signals, I suggest refining the paintbars or removing the bad ones. I have over 600 custom paintbars, I continually refine the paintbars.

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