Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10 update $2,638

Messy afternoon trading, but in the end I came out ahead, should have shorted ER2 instead of YM on the bounce at 8:45, I shouldn't have looked at my P/L in the morning, because I started thinking preservation,,,, I should have been using more size on the bounce.
Trade log 1

Trade log 2

Well, I skipped lunch, because it's not that often you get days like this. I don't like trading the last 30min because it can be real choppy. I went short because of the heavy volume hitting NYSE TICK lows and scaled out a little too soon. It looks like a whole bunch of people that shorted at the close (probably retail traders) got a bad whiplash in the after hours which resulted in huge short covering.

I'll do some analysis later, my brains gotta rest.


Anonymous said...

Your progress and returns are an inspiration ... now, get back to work ;)

HPT on 9:31 PM said...

Thanks, There is still a lot of room for improvement though. I should have doubled my P/L today if I kept the trader mindset.

OBAT on 3:43 AM said...

This is indeed High Probability Trading. Very nice consistency and increasing gains.

HPT on 5:18 AM said...

thanks OBAT, my # 1 goal is consistency and trading the correct position size for my account.

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