Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30 Trade Summary $1,517

Unfortunately I had technical problems with IB this morning and missed the first hour of trading, and as a result missed some good trading. IB failed to log me in this morning and wouldn't open the book trader when I finally did get a connection. I finally got connected at 7:30am and scalped the next 2 hours, took a break, and scalped another 20min, and now I'm done for the day.

P/L= $1,517 (61 RT)

Broker Problems-

IB error on log on-

Also, for some reason my total contracts traded on my trade summary log is showing double the amount of contracts I actually traded. It says I did 122 round turns today, when I actually only did 61 RT.

Trading style today-
Today is the first day I implemented a new trading style based on scalping volatility spikes. This new style of trading should have profit targets hit quickly and has a tight stop as default. With this new style of trading I hope to increase my contract size for each trade, become more mechanical in my trading, and eventually be able to move to trading ES to trade larger size.

Market Observations-
NYSE A/D opened at the lowest level I have ever monitored before (I'm sure Feb 27 was a lower value), but the futures couldn't push the NYSE A/D down any further on heavy volume during the morning, and we rallied right back into bull mode and have been trending up all day. ZN got faded today like it usually does at 7:30am, and XLE and Financials look to be the strong sectors today, which are the best sectors IMO for a trending bullish day.


Jeppetto on 11:27 AM said...

Great market observations! thank you for pointing this out.
BTW, may I ask, what are "volatility spikes"? how do you see them?

HPT on 11:30 AM said...

Volatilty spikes are rapid changes in price relative to where price has been trading for a sustained period of time.

Unknown on 12:14 PM said...

What indicator are you using to identify these spikes? A bollinger band derivative like TTMSqueeze? The VIX? Thanks.


HPT on 12:41 PM said...

A volatility spike may only be 5 ticks on ER2 depending on market conditions. I don't use TTM indicators and I don't use the VIX anymore. All you need is a price chart and experience in being able to gauge price action and price spikes.

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