Monday, May 07, 2007

May 7 Trade Summary $804

Trade Summary-
Well Today I traded the first 2 hours, and I got a decent setup on ER2 based off of NYSE A/D and bearish divergence when compared to SPY. I scaled out a little too soon on my ER2 Trade. I exited my YM position 1 minute before it popped for the reversal (Idiot). I knew I should have held 1 contract at breakeven on YM and given it more time. I recorded today's trading on camtasia. We got a 7:15 reversal today and now it looks like the market is going to chop for the rest of the day,,,,,maybe chop until Wedensday's FOMC meeting, but hopefully not.

P/L= $804 (14 RT ER2, 2 RT YM)

If I got time I'll do my accumulated tick analysis later. I want to work on my recording right now.

Today I watched my SPY indicator chart and it worked well today; however I didn't take any of it's signals, maybe I should have.

This is a trade expirement I'm doing based on what I saw in the most recent COT report. LONG YM and ZN, SHORT ER2 and ZF.(A some-what hedged trade strategy). Hold time will be until Wedensday.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding plays ... very interesting continuing analysis you've posted throughout your blog on AD ... I've generally seen it to be a "lagger" in my past analysis, but your continual reference is motivating me to look back at this one.

Thanks much for your contribution and glad you're doing so well.

HPT on 9:37 PM said...

NYSE A/D does lag, but I look for Wide body candles On NYSE A/D and the pullbacks/retracemetns seen off of these candles to judge the trend along with the strength of NYSE TICK on pullbacks and retracements.

Do you watch prem (program trading)
or do you watch the size on the DOM's when trading? I'm starting to see some interesting things in the DOM display and I've read others talk about on elitetrader. I know there are programs like buttontrader which can give you alerts when the ratio's are off by like 3:1 bid/ask size. I noticed from one of my recording a few weeks back at the LOD the bid size went to about 9 contracts at price climax and the ask size was 500, then 2 seconds later 400 bid 450 on the ask and the price begins to reverse. Anyway, it's something I'm researching, because I'm looking into enhancing my order execution strategy.

NA on 10:39 PM said...


It's interesting looking at your Executions Summary- I see so many rapid fire buys/sells, some probably is averaging up/cutting losses, but don't you think holding on for a longer time frame when its going in your favor would pay off more?

Anyhow, keep it up. Your 7AM trading has got me up at 6 looking for similar patterns in the early trade, but I agree with your analysis that market will not move much till Wed.

HPT on 5:32 AM said...

Guess what, Bonds are up and stock indices are down this morning in premarket trading. Looks like it's going volatile today.

With my executions, yes, holding on longer to positions is something I'm working on, along with correct position size for the trade. Maybe I can show you how I make my executions from one of my videos and I could get some feedback on what you and others think.

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