Sunday, June 03, 2007

Best Broker for Trading Futures based on Commissions

My trading volume has been increasing trading ER2; over 1k RT for the month of May, and I'm losing money by using my current bundled rate commission setup through Interactive Brokers, so I've done some research to see how I can reduce my trading costs.

I'm researching IB, Tradestation, MB trading, and Velocity futures.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at open e cry as well, under 2500 rt per side all in is $1.91 and goes down approx 5c as the volume doubles.

Anonymous said...

You will find that you can negotiate "caps" in commissions with FCM's like Velocity, Advantage Futures, Dorman, RCG ... etc. Consider staying away from the IB's -- the value they "used" to ad has been considerably diminished over the years and all the FCM's offer pretty competitive rates with most of the good platforms aviable for use: TT, Ninja, etc

Anonymous said...

tmk500 ib is still the best one around and you are wrong, they add more value than those other POS platforms.

Jeppetto on 12:21 PM said...

Congratulations on your consistent success!
BTW, you might want to check Thay take 2.96 rount trip for YM.

Jeppetto on 12:31 PM said...

Having said that, I use IB (but my volume is much lower than yours).

HPT on 2:28 PM said...

I made a calculation error on the IB commissions and I'm making a new post to reflect the changes. IB is definitely not the cheapest futures broker.

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