Friday, June 01, 2007

June 1 Trade Summary $1,323

Could only trade the first hour. I'm mad at myself for not exiting at my signal, I covered half, but should have covered the whole thing, which would have given me another 5-700 bucks. Overall, I made more than I expected going into today given the amount of time I had to trade. Unfortunately I have work early again today. I finished the week hitting my weekly goal which is pretty good considering there was no trading Monday and I could only trade a couple hours the last few days.

P/L= $1,323

Market Observations-
NYSE A/D opened extremely bullish and couldn't push that much higher on heavy volume. This is a reverse setup to what we saw a few days ago with the extreme negative NYSE A/D opening. ER2 is the strongest today, and ES looks to be the weakest due to weakness in financials. I doubt we get a selloff today, I think there are still shorts holding from Wedensday that will cover by the end of today from fear of holding over the weekend. Monday should be a good day to trade.


Anonymous said...

what's a good solid reason to get into a trade? A nice setup...

Glenn on 2:12 PM said...

Are you sure you need to work :)

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