Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 14 Trade summary $162

I'm still messing up on my stops and trade entries. I need to spend more time reviewing my trade setups. I'm going to try to enter with only 1 contract initially and only adding to winners. As long as I start out with 1 contract, and I don't add to it if it's a loser, and I put in a 7-1.4 tick stop, then I shouldn't have any big losses. The spikes up on the indices have been unforgiving if you are short without a stop. I'm seeing bonds lossing their influence on equities after the first hour of trading and it looks like ZN still shows a pattern of getting faded around 7:30am. Could only trade the first 2 hours.


Jeppetto on 7:02 PM said...

Your observations make a lot of sense. But let me ask you a quick technical question: don't you use bracket orders (which include the stop loss order)?
one more question iI' like to ask: I'm just curious to know how you have a 0.2 minute frequency on your charts. I'm asking because whenever I use sub-minute frequency, the headline just says "0m."
I'm using QT ver. 3.8.5c.
Good luck!

HPT on 9:12 PM said...

I had a bracket order in originally but I cancelled the stop and let the loss get bigger like an idiot today.

With QT I put the time frame to 0.15m I believe.

matte351 on 3:44 PM said...

cool trading blog prob trader.

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