Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21 Trade Summary $1,112

Market Summary-
TOday was a very volatile and good day to trade the stock indices.

P/L= $1,112 73 futures contracts and 3100 shares traded

Trade Summary-
Got my but kicked on NVDA trying to short it in the afternoon as well as CAKE.
Did well on futures and scalping GOOG and Crude Oil.
Overall I shouldn't have tried doing a short term intraday swing trade on CAKE because it was a slow mover that lost momentum in the afternoon, and I should have managed my stops better on NVDA because I could have come out with a winner on it today. Also by trading NVDA and CAKE in the afternoon I wasted time I could have been trading ER2 and YM.

I got a comment yesterday that asked how many trades I took, I'm not sure, there was alot. Checkout today's trade log if your curious. I did 49 one lot trades on YM today, with some 1 lots being adds to my core position.


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