Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25 Trade Summary

Today was a battle up 1500 in the AM, down 2000 off the selloff, but I made it back in the last 45 min. AAPL burnt me bad, and I didn't see the drop coming. Only loser today was AAPL for a whopping $1,299. It was a scalp that I wanted to make $20 on,,,,,OOPS! I should have taken the $250 loss when I got the first bounce, NYSE A/D had a totally bearish setup for continuation to the downside and I felt frozen and stuck in AAPL, I waited for the 12pm reversal and scaled out on AAPL and got a winner on ER2 to make up for my humilating loss on AAPL. I usually scale out on my bad trades just like I scale in on my good trades, but today I totally screwed up by not watching the major market and NYSE A/D during the afternoon. I need to keep trend line alerts on the NYSE A/D. I was so focused on AAPL that I lost track of what the broad market was doing and I ended up losing what I made in the morning. I failed to use a stop on AAPL and was struck with "Deer in the headlights syndrome" (DITHS,,aka DIPSHIT without a stop loss)

P/L $1,638 net on 75 contracts, and 4,100 shares

Today could have been a good day but I screwed it up by not watching NYSE A/D. Oil popped today too, but XLE really didn't lift the market. I'm not sure if there was news out today besides the morning housing number that I missed, but it was yet again another good day full of volatility and I'm glad I came out ahead after screwing up so bad on AAPL.


Anonymous said...

The commission sound very high given the vol of trades you posted. I wouldn't expect much more than $420.00 total but I am sure I must be missing something.


HPT on 5:32 PM said...

You are right J, nice to see people are actually reading my blog, I made the mistake of subracting my futures P/L minus my Net P/L for the day because I don't normally have to take stock trading into account because I don't normally trade stocks. The commission was less than $400 I think, thanks for double checking my numbers, I knew something didn't seem right.

GenghisHahn on 6:26 AM said...

hi HPT,

how do you analyze the NYSE A/D line? do you look at the actual number or do you look at the change in the A/D?

Take care,

HPT on 6:44 AM said...

I look at the value and change 1.8 and up is bullish and 0.8 and below is bearish.

Jeppetto on 12:28 PM said...

THanks for the tip! do you also pay attention do the trend of the A/D? Say the A/D is well over 1.8, but is in a downtrend?

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