Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28 Trade Summary $1,028

I woke up at 7:15, traded for 45 min, made my daily goal trading from the book without my charts, and now I'm done for the day. I think if I quit trading by 9am my time each day I would be about 50k richer since I started trading last year. This morning I simply traded the range knowing that there was a less likely hood of any breakout trends occuring with FOMC minutes pending. Oil popped up this morning, and I found 70.11 to be a key number on CL, and 846.8 to be a key number on ER2. I was going to quit after I hit 500, but decided to go for my goal before 9:30am hit. NYSE A/D looks to be trending down but is still above 1.5. When NYSE A/D went through 1.5 yesterday, the indices took off vertically, and when we have breakouts above 1.5 during the afternoons like yesterday, the price action tends to be a breakout trend, from what I've noticed. Also when NYSE A/D breakouts out below 0.8 during the afternoon when it was previously in the 1.5 range for the day, then this tends to be a down trending afternoon setup. Today should be an interesting day with FOMC minutes in 3 hours, OH GOODY!
I won't be trading it because historically I've lost more than I've made trading this number, however 2 days later often shows a reversal from FOMC day, and the day after FOMC tends to be a choppy session, which is good for me, because I got work early on Friday, so I won't miss out on much I think.

PS, Am I the only one that has to make posts twice because of bloggers word verification not working the first time you do it?


Dinosaur Trader on 8:28 AM said...

Turn off word verification. They've identified your blog as a "spam blog" and you need to verify it so they take that crap off.

It's really annoying but definitely worth the email to blogger.

Nice day.


HPT on 9:56 AM said...

thanks DT,

Jeppetto on 1:34 PM said...

I wonder if you could expand a little on how you trade from the book without your charts, if you feel like it.

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