Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12 Trade Summary $703

Well my trading results were similar to yesterdays performance in terms of profitability during the time I traded. I traded light today because I was skeptical of the extreme bullishness. For most the day I watched the NYSE A/D trade lower while YM kept pushing higher. I made about $600 during the first 2 hours and then struggled to make the next $100. I could have made $1k more if I had shorted ER2 instead of YM around 1am EST, after getting the intermarket relationship trade pattern between ZN and ES around 1am. I scaled into TLT too soon and took a loss on it, but watching it along with ZN helped me turn a losing trade on YM into a small winner.(Like I said , I should have shorted ER2 or ES, because they are more bearish right now over YM and NQ). ZN and CL really tanked pretty hard during the time that I traded. I guess I should have been trading CL and ZN and just rode the trend. Every extreme NYSE low tick was a buy signal on YM this morning up until about 1am(extremely bullish day-A/D was 4:1 or greater during periods of todays' trading). I guess I should have gone long off of the news I read yesterday about the record short interest in ES. I'm done for the day, I have other business to tend to. I may not be trading tomorrow because I have work early.


Anonymous said...

Great job. One thing though: Your analysis seems to be filled with a lot of "coulda shoulda woulda". This might be outcome bias sneaking into your analysis. I would focus more on process and less on the rationale (really infinite reasons) why one market was technically a better long or short intraday.

HPT on 7:03 PM said...

Your right,
I have a more difficult time trading trending days, but I have been getting better, normally I lose on trending days. Having audible alerts when certain parameters have been meet like the A/D issues, total volume, NYSE TICK lows/highs, ADX, Sector strength, might be a good idea. Sometimes I think it would be a good idea to have an alert that tells me that the A/D issues is extremely bullish "you should not be short", or "tick has been above -200 all day, long only". Normally I would have shorted this market, thinking we were overbought, and then averaged into a fat loser. Instead I traded smaller size and was more cautious on my trades. More work needs to be done on my part for sure. Although today I'm regretful on the trades I missed, I know that tomorrow will be another day and opportunity, I just need to put some anger into the trades that I miss so that I remember them better for next time.

Unknown on 8:34 PM said...

no such thing as "overbought" or "oversold" bro, forget those words, an indicator cant control the market. it knows no bounds. master that and become rich.

HPT on 9:55 PM said...

Jason, your right, no such thing as over-BLAH...I don't use those indicators, but I do tend to think in what is normal and unusual trading ranges for the indices and 280pts on DJI is extreme.

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