Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25 Trade summary Breakeven

I was up 2k, and then I lost it all shorting CL at the close. I added to a loser, because I'm a loser. I'm really sick of my trading habits. I thought I was going to map out a game plan a couple weeks ago, but what'ya know, same ol'dumbass mistakes, adding to losers and not having good stops in place. It was this time last year that my account took a beating. You think after CL ran up over 3 bucks it would retrace 20-30 cents, but noooooo,,,,,you just keep getting screwed into the close, what a dumbass mistake that was. All my hard work and profits washed out on that dumbass trade. I shorted at 75.90, around 2:30 EST for the close, thinking I could get a small scalp to get to $2,500 for the day,,,,,,nope, CL continues up another 40-50 cents after the close. Yeppe-me. I'm a dumbass, I barely eat all day, I stress out and yell and scream at myself in the car from a shitty trading day, say "don't add to losers",,"where is your stop", but then I say,,,what the heck, just one more contract,,,,,then bam, screwed as usual. YOU SUCK,,,you got that,,,I cannot say enough to express how I feel. On another note, I'm still up a large amount for the year, but nothing good has come the last 2 months, just shitty trading on my part, adding to losers and being a loser. No trading plan, planning to fail, losing all my profits on 1 stupid scalp,,,,,no stops,,,I'm done Venting. I'm going to the gym, hopefully I will feel some since of accomplishment from todays shittiness, I doubt it considering I have little energy from not eating all day. By the way, to all you fat people out there, a good way to lose weight is done by trading with too large of size, it works like this, the position goes against you and then you stress out and forget to eat, it's worked wonders for me, I don't even need to diet to look good for the BEACH. How you like that for healthy eating habits for traders,,,not sure if it as good as trader BUBS eating plan for traders,,,Yes, I read your blog dude. Alright, my eyes are hurting now from staring at these shitty CRT monitors all day,

I was thinking of going long 10 cards on ER2 at the open with a profit target of 3 pts tommorow, and then I can call it quits. Thoughts of a loser. Instead I think I'll sleep in, and go to work, and then turn on my computer when I get home and say, shit, I knew it was going to go up.


Dinosaur Trader on 6:20 PM said...


Give your head a rest, man.

If you're really stressed out you won't have the perspective you need to trade properly.

Find some space.


Anonymous said...

Таке a rest, man

Anonymous said...

Feeling compelled to average out of a losing position is one of the most seductive Sirens in this game.

We've all done it ... we all do it ... we usually regret it. The problem isn't getting blown out on this move ... the problem is pulling this stunt, "getting even" and having screen experience that it works from time to time.

Seeing this stupid shit "work" is what's allowing you to turn off the frontal cortex and go through the looking glass into the land of the "hysterically blinded".

Give yourself a cookie, put a notch in the desk, enter a note in an online spreadsheet ..... whatever it takes .... to remind yourself at the end of the session that you DID NOT average out of a losing trade today.

Treat it with the same discipline as a recovering alcoholic and you "should be" ok.

I debated pandering to you and saying, "It's OK, John -- your a good trader ... blah, blah" --- However; you're clearly NOT learning from your mistakes and it's going to cost you your account unless you "get your mind right" ---- Cool Hand Luke

Glenn on 9:22 PM said...

You are not alone, many do what you describe, few talk about it. I struggle way more than you, at least you have the talent to make a k or two a day.

F everything else, there is only one thing matters in trading and I struggle with it daily...

*** Set and take your stops ***

Easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

"I was thinking of going long 10 cards on ER2 at the open with a profit target of 3 pts tommorow, and then I can call it quits."

Replace "profit target" with "stop", and you have a viable plan.

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