Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trade Summary-
Traded the first 2 hours, Choppy morning, Crude Oil had some good action. Market looks like its chopping before Bernanke speech. Pretty good day. I got a good winner early on, and the confidence and morning profit helped push me to take more. I noticed a little bit of inverse trading between ZN and ES, which I notice tends to happen whenever the word Bernanke is mentioned, also CAD had interest rates increased, which is why I think the market gapped down this morning, I don't think HD's earning had that big of an impact like CNBC says.

P/L= $2,025 on 72 contracts traded

Stock Thoughts-
Does FXI ever go down?

Note- For some reason I can't post titles to my posts.


Unknown on 5:01 PM said...

friggen nice work bro, what is your day job? sorry if i missed it in a previous entry. and why dont you quit it soon?

HPT on 7:35 PM said...

I don't quit my day job because I need to build up more consistency/experience and a larger account.

Unknown on 9:57 PM said...

when i knew i could make 200$ a day, i quit that bitch asap. heh

where do you work?

Anonymous said...

you lucky little fucker.

HPT on 10:00 AM said...

Yep, I'm Pretty lucky bastard.

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