Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dual Monitor Problem

I'm having problems with my dual monitor setup. Before I was using a matrox dual head video card on Windows XP OS with 2 CRT monitors. Now I'm using two 22'' LCDs on Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, with a Nividia 8800 GT video card. The problem is, when ever the machine goes goes into sleep mode and I have Quotetracker and Interactive Brokers active, and I awake the computer, the monitors will flicker every 3 seconds, showing my desktop, then going to black. And it repeats this until you restart the computer. Apparently there are issues with Vista and dual monitors, because I did a search and there are many other people out there with similiar problems. In attempt to solve the problem, I have changed the power settings (under screen saver settings) to never allow the computer to go into sleep mode and for the monitors to never go into sleep mode. Also I set the screen saver wait time to 9999 minutes. The problem is probably Vista related, but hopefully this will work for now.


Anonymous said...

I have dual monitor setup with the 8800 nvidia and have no problems.
What drivers are you using ? Vista built in drivers or the nvidia drivers ? If the one's from vista, uninstall and install the nvidia one's. If your using the nvidia contact them as your card may be going bad.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have nividia drivers. The video card is brand new. I think I fixed the problem, which was the computer going into sleep mode, apparently vista has some problems with this.

João Pedro "jota" Martins on 4:24 PM said...

I'm having a similar problem.
I'm asking for help here:

Anonymous said...

Yes, me as well, nothing to do with NVIDIA drivers in my caes, I had the latest. Anybody have answers to this?
Matrox is brutal with their "support". You can't even register the product to get support online...

HPT on 11:27 PM said...

My monitor problem is vista related, and a guy on youtube found a temporary fix.
use task manager to kill explorer.exe on the processes tab and it will be ok for a random amount of time (use file -> run and put in
and hit ok to restart explorer.
SP1 makes it worse.

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