Friday, January 25, 2008

Cramer vs. Rick Santelli, CNBC,

January 22-
Rick- Cramer you are an idiot and a stock pumper
Cramer- No I'm not, BOOYAH! BUY! BUY!BUY!

January 19-
Cramer setting the ULTIMATE BEAR TRAP, on Hardball with Chris Matthews


LP on 6:35 AM said...

aaah from a few comments a week to hundreds in a've blown up in more ways that you would like...

aside from the cheezy joke...consider a system with semi automation...

I use NeoTicker...platform, broke, data independent...I have the same exact problem s you do except...I have a vagina...I take fewer trades than I should but I am prone to blowing I'm automating stuff a lot so that position sizes , risk to capital etc...a re all automated including my mechanical entries...consider it...I think you may find a lot of value in it

Anonymous said...

The full court press is on, do not be dragged in by the pumpers and momentum traders. Cramer always steers his viewers wrong. He is a rumor mill too. They scaring the shorts, hoping to drag in some bulls too.

Anonymous said...
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