Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Futures go Limit OFFER

Have you ever seen this before?

SPH8, ESH8 went limit offer at 01:01 Chicago time and trading in the corresponding options have been halted.
ER2H8 went limit offer at 01:15 Chicago time and trading in the corresponding options have been halted
YM support at -650......

Keep calling me an idiot, but if your long and still calling me an idiot, then you've got issues of your own.


Anonymous said...

It's you're

Anonymous said...

Hey man, Watched your video. I hope it all works out for ya. Thats how trading is. Your a young kid, im sure you will recover and learn and make sweet $$ agian.

I agree, America is fucked! Im a Aussie here, and its scary.

I wish you luck. I was up 100% on alot of my shares, took profit this morning at 20%, If i stayed, would have been down 40-10%

It hurts my brain :|

Anonymous said...

Limit moves has happened many times before. I guess you need to experience the first time, just like sex.

Anonymous said...


"You're an idiot."

Happier now?

Anonymous said...

LMFAO - you're trading futures, and big size in Russell and you've never seen a market go limit offer? Obviously you haven't been trading very long. all the indices used to go limit offer frequently in the late 90s and early 2000-2001. Live by the sword...

Anonymous said...

Anybody that did not expect the futures to lock limit offer does not understand the futures market well enough to trade it successfully.

J. Parker

Anonymous said...

OK, you are an idiot and thus deserves to lose all your money in the market because that's what losers do.

You like to flagellate yourself, don't you?
You are such a masochist.


Now, get on with your life by accumulate another stake so that you can repeat what you did earlier.

After all, it gave you such a delicious pleasure to lose money, you idiot ;)

Anonymous said...

I like your honesty pal, but you should know the rules before you play the game. Take a time out, you won't recover from this fast...it will take a long long time - and it hurts most knowing you will be up a few hours later if you would have held.

I have been trading futures for 12 years now...been through it

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