Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best Day Ever $10,000+

Yesterday I gambled on my AAPL trade. I have a very hard time with the placement of stops on stocks. Today, I came back determined to follow my system and to make back my money after yesterdays embarrassment.

I got a personal best Profit today after the first 3 hours of trade, my first 5 digit profit day. I could have kept trading but euphoria set in and I had difficulty concentrating and I need to leave for work in less than an hour, so there's no need to pressure the trade. I pretty much watched my signals and for buying in SMH to confirm my trade, along with NYSE A/D breakouts.

P/L= $10,124 on 224c


Anonymous said...

wow, awesome recovery after yesterday

Bubs on 12:00 PM said...

Nice bounce back!

Chrisnyork on 3:17 PM said...

Wow wild two days.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for another big oops.

ainkurn on 8:38 PM said...

congrats on a stellar day! I know you have more of these kinds of days in you. seems like you have gotten your system down to an art. you were all over the place today. it always good to be able to make money coming and going. the AD was a great tell for the market today. I was able to pull out $1,600 in stocks today. Hopefully I will have one of these 5 digit days soon.

Bluedog on 9:43 PM said...


What a roller coaster 2 days!! Awesome job today!! Go smoke a stogie!


Anonymous said...

I wonder ... What kind of money management do you use? 224c in how much trades is that?

Glenn on 5:56 AM said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

u have more discipline than me...if i made 10k, i would have taken the day off- or maybe even two

nice job!

Lucky on 9:52 AM said...


I'm very new to the day trading arena, I'm currently a computer engineer I decided to build a simple application that automates my strategy.

I've been running the simulation as the trade day plays out and I wanted to get a second opinion on how my returns measure up to current strats.

For now my simulations are showing over 2% returns per day(about 50% per month), you can track my daily watchlist I put out the night before and the result list the next day.

I was working on an automated trading application, but after I take a look at the do it yourself examples you reposted I may abandon my own, why recreate the wheel.

I just wanted to thank you for showing and saving me lots of time moving forward with my much larger project.

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