Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 28 $602 on 42c final

I came back and traded the last hour and a half and doubled my morning P/L. I messed up by not holding an NQ short trade because I put my trailing stop too close. I got 2 good long scalp trades on ER2 in the last 30min but missed the big pop when C and BAC popped around 3:30pm.

P/L= $602 on 42c

Overall, financials led the way up and tech was the weak sector throughout most of the day, which is why I favored short setups on NQ and long setups on YM and ER2.



Sector correlation


West Coast Trader on 2:39 PM said...

Do your rules include trading in the afternoon or not trading in the afternoon? I thought you were done for the day because the afternoon was going to grind down the profits you had in the morning. Rules, rules, rules - what are they. Seem that they are vague or under certain circumstances do not apply to you. I know, I know - fuck me. But I ain't saying it to bust your balls. A little slip of the rules today will lead to a blow up in the future because you are undermining the things that keep you disciplined. I know, I did it many, many times. Lock in those rules and get the fuck away in the afternoon if that is your rule.

HPT on 2:44 PM said...

My rules are to stay out of chop and only trade when volume/volatility is around, which is the first 2.5hrs and the last 2hrs. I'm least profitable between 12-2pm EST, so I didn't trade during that time today and had a decent day.

Richard on 8:01 PM said...

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Unknown on 8:19 PM said...

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eNyce on 12:53 AM said...

$600 smooth profit man, nice work.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna flame sharetipsinfo...

Anonymous said...

haha, just sent about fifty emails to let's see if they try that shit again...i'll turn my flame thrower on and burn their servers...

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