Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Terrible Day

Didn't trade according to plan and I took some unnecessary losses. I didn't realize CFC was taking such a huge shit until CNBC announced it right near the BOTTOM as they USUALLY do. Absolutely lousy trading. YM chopped me to pieces with 15-40pt reversals that occurred in as little as a minute as you can see from my trade log. My monitors stopped functioning right after I got out of my large trade. Luckily the computer reboots fast enough to where I can get things working again. I was recording todays trading but I lost the footage due to my monitor problem and having to REBOOT.

BAC and CFC look F#CKED.

P/L= $631 on 95c and 300c

This is one of the rare days where I'm actually glad my work called me in for extra work today because I'm not following my plan due to anger from getting chopped up, my monitors screwing up, and feeling under the weather.


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