Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Worst Stock loss ever

Today I was a dumbass and took a gamble on AAPL. I had no set stop and ended up with about a $9,800 loss by buying the top and selling the bottom on AAPL. Perhaps I should stick to trading futures instead, because I always seem to rack up huge losses on my stock trades. I'm now negative for the month by over 2k, so now my goal is to get to positive for the month. The index futures are down in the After Hours because of INTC earnings reports. It looks like its time for Jim Cramer to start screaming "WE HAVE ARMEGEDDON!"

I hope the Dow Jones Index tanks 5,000 points tomorrow so I can feel like less of a loser.

Trading Blow UP label added,,,CHECK!


Unknown on 10:52 PM said...

dude, why even trade stocks. plus doesnt every one say SELL THE NEWS, buy the rumor... you are late to the table bro.

P.s do you pay monthly for QTracker or do u also have an ameritrade account? if so how did u get futures data from IB in? thanks

HPT on 12:51 AM said...

QT is free with a 3 day backfill for anyone. I don't use ameritrade as my backfill.

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