Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Commodity inflation, Dollar new all time LOWS

Todays top performing sectors. (Trailer park homes and Toys & Hobbies? I guess the funds think since everyone is foreclosing that we are all going to have to move into trailer parks and buy manufactured homes, also since no one is buying new cars, money is flowing into auto part stores, because people will have to fix there own beaten up cars )

Great, now Yahoo finance is adding momentum to commodities.

With the US dollar at ALL TIME LOWS, Gold went straight up from open to close today. (20+pts)

THE US Dollar, now worth 66 cents in Europe. Good Heavens.......

Closing position (Bullish on ZF and ES, bearish on ZB and ER2 as usual)

Morning position

POT,,,,If you shorted this stock you don't have a POT to Pee in.

DBA, new Highs, Ride the Ags to $50

EWZ getting ready to make new highs. Brazil says, What bear market ?

India's market looks F$%Ked


tapeworm on 7:50 PM said...

i wish i had the money to buy a trailer park...its ridiculous how much money they have to pay for lot rent in florida...their lot rent is almost as much as a small apartment...if u don't pay it, u have to find a way to move your trailer...damn, i should know this much about trailer parks!

btw, which hottie were u going for? the cute blonde, or the guy?

HPT on 11:11 PM said...

Your right about the rent on trailer parks. It's ridiculous out here in Cali too, over $500 most places plus all the other utilities and BS fees.

I think I'd go for the Asian girl putting on the chapstick.

tapeworm on 3:07 AM said...


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