Saturday, February 09, 2008

Feelings on the video

Edit- I won't be putting the video back up. I've also declined's offer to pay me for the video.

I'm sure some people are mad to see the notorious trading blowup video gone.
I took it down a few weeks ago because it makes me feel depressed and makes me feel like a loser. At first it was kind of funny, but now it's painful to watch. It's like a mistake you wish never happened, but in the back of your mind it is there ready to jump up and remind you of who you are and what you've done. There's no going back and changing the past. What's done is done.

Someone suggested I make a video of me making money, which is something people would like to see. Kind of like a real life story of a guy who lost it all and came back fighting to become very successful through hard work.(ie Chris Gardner). Easier said than done. My plans right now are to get a better job while continuing to work on improving my trading.

Broadcasting my trading performance on this blog may have been detrimental to my trading performance as it has been somewhat serving to the ego.(ie never wanting to post a negative day on the blog to show the people how good of a trader I was, like the SocGen trader who wanted to be a star and ended up making a huge mistake). Perhaps this is something to think about if you are contemplating posting your performance publicly on a blog or you already are posting your performance and having negative results.


Tyler Hall on 12:36 PM said...

Oh well, some people actually did visit this site for educational purposes. Hint: Time to move on, man.

tapeworm on 2:37 PM said...

i know you're getting advice from everywhere, but i'm glad to see you're not putting that video back up

Dinosaur Trader on 8:04 PM said...


I guess it's a good thing that I have no ego problem since I report losses all the time on my blog.

That's the way I'll take this anyway.

Keep us informed.


cory on 5:50 PM said...

It was a black swan event; not only you get caught in it, and so was Schindler Trading
Years of records went up in smoke, and so was I, long 1 YM -$700. So what to make of it? Not much, it happens from time to time and as long as you don't go all in then you should be ok. I am sure there are plenty copy of the video going around, you might as well make some money from it. Time heals all wound, the deeper the wound the longer it takes to heal, 5 digits loss wasn't that deep, trust me.

darktone on 4:50 PM said...

Reckon you should get some dosh for the video as said before, why not. Think you should put it back up too! itll serve as a inspiration to avoid the same pain in the future trading endevours. When youre done feeling sorry for yourself.

All the best

Troy on 9:01 PM said...

i found your site from that awesome video. It was really worth the price of admission. Grow a sack and put the video back up

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