Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Hiatus

My Primary computer that I trade on is sick. I'm still getting the "blue screen of death" (BSOD) after trying to correct it for the last week. Reformated the hard drive, took out TV card and nVidia Video card, re-installed Vista, but still getting BSOD. I suspect I have a virus in the BIOS or some other problem that I've overlooked. It really sucks not having my comptuer running because I can't trade and internet surf.


Anything-Goes on 3:10 AM said...

hardware problem.. likely hardrive..

HPT on 8:40 AM said...

The 2 hard drives are western digital 320GB and only 4 months old. And both were just reformatted. The computer is running since yesterday, so hopefully I fixed something since my last changes. Next step is to re-install graphics and TV card, however the problem may be with IRQ pairing of these 2 cards.

PS- I saw your blowup awhile back, hope things are going better for you.

Ben Dare-Dundat on 1:50 PM said...

If you have the manual to your motherboard, check it to see how to reset the mobo. Mine is done by switching one of the jumpers around, and I think it can also be done by removing the onboard battery for a few minutes and putting it back. Good luck, man. Few things in life are as maddening as ongoing computer problems.

Jake on 2:53 PM said...

enjoy reading your blog , keep up the good work . jake

Abdul on 7:39 PM said...

Hey Buddy,
it most likely is a memory issue. Swap out the memory cards.

Unknown on 10:21 PM said...

I think I recall you run vista right and I recall you cussing it like the piece of shit that it is.

Take a look at this

I think you are in the 29 percent here.

I recommend you upgrade from vista to XP PRO.

Yes you read it correctly.

Do IT!

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