Thursday, April 03, 2008

600 posts and counting

Todays post #601. Yeppie. Anyway I'm getting back into the habit of trading now since I've got my computer running without any "Blue screens of DEATH". Chucking Vista and moving back to XP was a wise decision.

Today I decided to join in and chat with some other traders on WallStreak. There were some great calls today such as: Buy on GS near low of day, buy on GOOG at 449, and V right before it broke out in the afternoon. Although I didn't take many of these great trades, I was able to stay focused better by paying attention to what others were saying about the market. Thanks Stewie, MJ, Johnson, Blue, RaginCajun, PinoyTrader, YoungChuckNorris, Ainkurn, Denarii and others.

Today I did something I normally don't do, which is getting up early to trade. I'm sick for the 3rd time this year. I fell asleep in my recliner last night at 8pm tired as hell, got up at 3am and went to breakfast as Denny's(I ate SLAM IT UP, pick 4 breakfasts entrees- I had 2 scrambled eggs, pancakes and suasage). I came home and played CALL OF DUTY 4 online for an hour and then at 6am I went to my computer to trade. I traded the whole day while taking small breaks to snack on lunch meat. If you look at my trade log below I was making trades every few minutes pretty much the whole day while also chatting on WallStreak. The key to my success today was averaging in on every position(It helps keep stress down). Even my shitty trades on FSLR and GOOG that popped in my face, I was able to recover from by averaging in on each trade.


HPT on 1:23 PM said...

Fenrisar or whoever the hell you are, stop sending me virus's in the comment section. I will delete your comments everytime, that's why I have comment moderation.
PS- MSFT and Vista sucks

tapeworm on 2:19 PM said...

nice job!

btw, thanks for the virus tip

HPT on 3:02 PM said...

BTW I clicked a picture of a firls butt on your website. I've never seen gay porn before. That was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. You fuckin suck.
I clicked it a second time. I noticed there was a timer that said, you have sat thru X number of spins. Funny shit.

tapeworm on 3:05 PM said...

hpt: that was the real "april fool's joke!" someone got me with that quite a while back, and i was waiting on a way to do it...i'm sure i lost readers with that post alone!

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