Friday, April 11, 2008

Apr 11, Bearish Day with Gap open lower

Today I sucked again. I had a hard time holding onto my shorts, (I covered too soon on my NQ shorts). Anyway, I need to work on my rules and signals more in conjunction with market internals. Also, I need to work on risk management on proper share size/contract size for a given setup. Overall this was a tough week and I feel I should have made more but I screwed up by trading against some of mysignals.

Bearish NYSE TICK readings almost all day
A clearly bearish NYSE A/D line, as soon as this turned lower at 12, short trades had smooth sailing into the close.
NQ and Tech lead the way down.
I got lucky buying the last signal of the day.
I guess I should have held that AAPL short from yesterday, DAM.


Sunny on 3:51 PM said...

that aapl short would have been very nice, no doubt :)

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