Friday, April 18, 2008

Apr 18, ISRG and GOOG earnings play

Traded first few hours. Put on a short AAPL trade right when my system gave me a long signal. Took a loss on AAPL, but was able to scalp the futures to end the day positive. I'm still not in my groove, that's why I've been keeping size down and not worrying about my P/L. I need to work on my risk management more, prove to myself that I can follow my system and trade signals, stay consistent, and then maybe I will start trading larger size.

Took a loss on AAPL. My trade signals worked great today on AAPL. I however suck at trading AAPL and did not follow my initial trade signal that popped right after I went short. This means I need more time trading smaller size until I start following my signals.
Tech very strong this morning-
GOOG---up over 90pts in a day after earnings......INCREDIBLE.

Wish I shorted this yesterday- ISRG down over 60pts on earnings-
Long Term view of GOOG- could head to 580 to test that 38% fib.
YM vs ZF- A look at inverse relationships between stocks and bonds. (overall I'm turning BEARISH on STOCKS going into next week because of this relationship)
A VIX chart I posted like 2 weeks ago, The price is right at the arrow I drew 2 weeks ago.


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