Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Apr 8, more Chop

Overall I sucked today. I actually shorted a buy signal and ate a huge unrealized loss on ER2 this morning but got lucky by holding it into the afternoon.

I think I need another monitor. Space is getting cramped with all these stocks I'm watching.


tapeworm on 6:17 PM said...

hpt: please take this how it is meant..i'm not beating u up here...you've shown a lot of progress since the blow up...in fact, u post larger numbers than me every day, so i'm not speaking from the mountain top

however, it seems like it was exactly this type of behavior that needed changing...isn't that what led to the blowup...allowing trades to linger in hopes that it works out...when ur trading small it won't matter that much either way, but if the habit isn't broken, when u step up ur size again, u know what happens

i honestly think that if u can break this habit, u r there...u post solid numbers every day...unless those numbers are a result of this type of behavior then u r there right now...so please stop holding onto losers and hoping! this seems to be the final piece for u

gl...i know its not easy, but i believe u can do it if u settle it in ur mind

tapeworm on 6:18 PM said...

btw, one days gains will buy u a monitor or maybe even a new computer

my average one day gains will buy me a southwest ticket to the midwest if i catch a special

Anonymous said...

holding those losses can turn into a dangerous habit

HPT on 11:35 PM said...

I was putting together a post about this crappy trade but my charts just froze and I lost all my arrows an annotation on the chart. I screwed up. I'm putting in 1pt stops on all er2 trades no matter what. One thing I've been doing is not adding to losers until I see a trade signal going my direction. Now I just need to trade my signals and keep those stops even if I'm trading smaller size. Thanks for the comments guys. Lets hope this market break out a direction.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Looks like you need another monitor alright! (Maybe two?...)

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