Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to Trade Crude Oil Futures and energy stocks

This is basically what I watch when trading oil stocks, crude oil futures, and gold futures.
Right Monitor setup-
Look for inverse relationship between XLE and SMH- (oil vs Tech)
Oil Daily chart
XLE- Fib levels
Watch the Euro- (Stronger US Dollar can be bearish for metal and energy futures)
Watch for inverse relationship between Airline stocks and Oil stocks.
Brent Crude oil futures
Light Sweet Crude Oil futures-
Gold Futures-
Natural Gas Futures
Gasoline Futures-


Unknown on 5:03 PM said...

u watch too much shit, just scalp es and er, less of a mind fuck

HPT on 5:10 PM said...

I agree. Crude is not my specialty. Stock futures are much easier to manage and trade IMO.
Next week I will be back to trading stocks, ER2 and bond futures.

tapeworm on 7:05 PM said...

i thought your style for energy futures was to hop in front of freight trains!

just kidding...ur obviously a smart dude with a ton of potential...everyone has their weakness(es), and yours can be overcome...since i'm not as bright as u, my weakness(es) will be much harder

Bluedog on 7:15 PM said...

Holy s*** that's a lot of info to digest.

upsidetrader on 7:20 PM said...

nice blog

Mom on the Run on 7:30 AM said...

Just throw some pivots on the CL chart then buy support and sell resistance. You can't possibly absorb and process all of that info. Keep it simple.

Reminds me of a story, I think in John Carter's book, where he visits the trading room of an aspiring trader. The guy has 20 monitors feeding him tons of information, and he can't pull the trigger due to information overload.

Simple is best.

Anonymous said...

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Solfest on 6:41 PM said...

Crude oil is a great contract to trade as it trends nicely.

I try to keep it simple and break down the trade analysis to:

1) Direction
2) Trend and if so strength
3) Momentum into that trend
4) Stay there until momentum ends

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