Tuesday, April 29, 2008

V stands for Visa, not Vendetta

The stock of the day was V, or as I like to call,
V and MA were hot stocks to trade today. I sold V way too soon. Ouch!

Meanwhile all the Ag stocks continued there sell off. I should have held that PUT option on POT from a couple weeks back.

Saw some support in Crude Oil so I got a LONG scalp on XOM.

Signals on YM worked good today-

I sold FSLR WAY TOO SOON, should have scaled out of my long better.

This stock gapped down big in the morning and was on my scanner, however volume lacked so I only stayed around for a small scalp.

Good signals on ER2, should have entered with 2 contracts and scaled out based on my signals.

Got impatient with this trade and Oil was beginning to bounce, so I exited early.

Saw support in Crude Oil so I shorted Dug, this was a good trade.

I wasn't brave enough to trade Crude Oil even though my signals looked good.

My signals on AAPL always seem to work, I just need to be more patient.

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