Friday, May 30, 2008

ETF's, Dividend stocks, and stock screener links

I'm opening up comments for non-gmail/blog users, but still moderating
Trade Ideas stock screener

NYSE Trading Falls to 7-Year Low

Nasdaq ETF HeatMap

I'm going to do some stock screening when the market closes and setup a herdstreet account to track the performance of my stock trading ideas.

MSN Deluxe Screener- (you need to use Internet explorer for the deluxe version with active X controls allowed, the MSN custom screener version sucks compared to the deluxe version)

ETF screen (compare ETF performance)

MSN ETF top performers

Some old but good trading links for dividend stocks

The problem with making viral Videos

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Losing for 8 years straight

This guy at EliteTrader has been losing for 8 years and isn't sure whether to quit. I'm seeing some similarities between his problems and mine. I can't imagine losing for 8 years and to still be trading. This guy worries me because he is a futures trader.

I've been trying to make it as a trader for eight years. I have yet to have a profitable year. I have been living off my savings from a previous venture and that is now below $75K.
Everyone I talk to says to quit. My family thinks I am just a gambler. My psychiatrist thinks I am addicted to trading.
I don't know what to do. I'm 51 and alone. My last two girlfriends left because they were worried about my finances and couldn't deal with the down days.
I have no idea where to turn from here. What am I supposed to put on a resume - eight years as a daytrader? I don't even want to work for someone else, anyway and don't know what else I would do.
All I ever wanted was to find a consistent way to pull one point from the market and trade size as my account built up. I only need $200 per day to keep going.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ultimate Warrior kicking ass

I'm already getting Blue screens and I haven't even installed Vista.

Anyway, I noticed Dinosaur Trader was saying the market sucked and he posted a video of his favorite singer; Phil Collins. In case you guys didn't don't, HPT's Mascot; THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, was in a wrestling match with Phil Collins. Needless to say who won.

Oil down

Up down, up down. Yeah, that's oil. down almost 7 dollars off last weeks highs. FSLR is taking it on the chin as well. Airlines are up about 10% today. I can't login to TWS for some reason and its pissing me off.

I'm reformatting this computer because it's got problems. It'll be awhile before I post again. I've got the day off, so I plan on wasting the next few hours....days,,, installing Vista again with the new video card drivers. I hate Vista.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

The markets are closed Today.

Anyone notice crude oil didn't change between Wednesday and Fridays close, yet gas prices at the pump in my city popped Friday by 5-15cents. One gas station I drive by everyday increased there prices on friday by 19 cents!($4.19 a gallon for unleaded, Diesel was at $5.09,,,,PS it wasn't a Chevron station,, but Chevron and Shell gas prices suck,,,I go to ARCO, or Valero, Valero has been sucking more tho because they charge you like an extra 3 cents/gallon if you don't pay with cash. Also, SAFEWAY gives you 3 cents off when you use your CLUBCARD,,which brings there prices down to ARCO's, overall, ARCO is best when living in NORCAL). Overall, Gas sucks this holiday.

I found a website called "STOP LOSS" that gives stock trade setups before the market open based on a few conditions (consecutive up/down days, unusual volume). I was thinking of posting stock trade setups based on my screeners as well because I think mine are dandy.

Also, I may start doing more videos, and start a new website. Why? Because I've got a new idea. Instead of a trading blog about success. I was thinking about a trading blog about failures. I seem to be a successful failure. (That phrase is copyrighted by HPT from this moment on).

I'm just waiting for the day when People flip out over oil and then we hear about another hedge fund blowing up. INCASE YOU DIDN"T KNOW, THE BEST INDICATOR TO TIMING MARKET REVERSALS IS WAITING FOR A HEDGE FUND TO BLOWUP.

AIRLINES====DEATH,,,they've could bounce big,,

Looking roughly at the funamentals, I like AMR over its competitors at it current price.

The bears are ass raping NUE. BEAR's attack quick, and deep, they also don't like holding for long periods because of that extra interest they are charged for being short.

I give you "The story of Ricky". This is just one of the many great fight scenes from this LEGEND MOVIE.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meditation and correcting bad trading habits

TraderFeed has a good post on using meditation to help deal with loses and help with emotions from taking over. Another post on changing yourself as a trader is also good.

In other news, I saw the new Indiana Jones movie this weekend, and I think it was a great movie.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oil hits $135

I'm just waiting to see the day where Oil pops over $10 in a day and then hearing that some hedgefund blewup. After hearing the news, I plan on going short oil or long airlines. With hurricane season coming up, I have a hard time believing oil is going to stop going up just because its risen so much this year. I'm seeing more people selling their SUV's at huge discounts and more people riding scooters. Perhaps the run up in oil is a result of Al Gore and the Green party trying to stop global warming by pushing oil prices so high that it will force people to stop driving.

The makers of this video used my blowup video as a blue print.

I've been testing out Open E Cry's demo account
I like how the arrows are plotted right on the chart of the buy and sells and how you can place your orders on the chart. IMO, their chart trader is better looking than IB's.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Marktet Sucks

I watch Krull when I can. I made a video response to his video, but decided it not to post it because my tourretes was acting up. Let me just say, I'm currently where you are Krull. Also checkout DT's Pain Play post, where he basically says life is tough.

I'm not sure what it is right now, but I think a lot of the people out there are experiencing the "HPT EFFECT". It's like the seasonal depression disorder some people get, but in this case its a trading depression disorder that comes and goes. It is mainly seen when other blogging traders are doing terrible.

In other news, I think this market is going down and never looking back for a long time. But who cares what I say anyway.

Use stops or slowly kill yourself, the choice is yours.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting back on the saddle

If any of you know HPT, I never quit. I just get right back on the bike and keep on going.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bad Publicity

The best publicity is often bad publicity. Thanks TraderEyal and Tapeworm for your continued support.

I was thinking that now since I'm a failed trader I can become a trading coach or make my blog crappier and link to other blogs about other crappy traders like myself. On second thought, that idea looks to be a little crowded. The post about bad trading habits was like so many email questions I get on a daily basis that I had to address the question. For some reason the traffic on this blog keeps increasing everyday and the fan mail is pouring in more than ever. Since I suck at trading I was thinking of never posting my P/L, my trading strategies, or anything related to my trading again. People don't really come here for me. They come here for comedy relief about some crappy trader that has never learned from his mistakes. In fact some people go even as far as betting that I will blow up my account again. It's great being HPT. The empty bank account. The large amount of love I get from all the regular readers and people that link me. Once in a while I even get real advice from other real traders.

The Dream

HPT dreamed of a time when he made a lot of money in the market and people came to him and asked him how he did it. The envy and jealousy of HPT's trading returns kept people coming back, 1000 times more than any Elite Trader P/L thread. Oh, yes, HPT was in the making For Trader Monhtly's TOP TRADERS for the year. He even made appearances on CNBC about where he thought the market was going. He was dignified and a force to be reckoned with in the stock trading world. HPT was a name just like T. Boone Pickens or Buffet was to common investors. He grew up in a small town, had a rough childhood, but persevered and made his way to the top, never gave up, even after blowing up several account to get there. For there was one thing driving HPT, and that one thing was,,,,,,,,,,

To be continued................

(Surely the fans will come up with an answer to what was driving HPT this whole time)

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Stare down

2 comments is a place to challenge people over the internet in just about any competition you can think of.

Here's Jessica Alba in a stare down.

I haven't seen any trading competitions on there yet. I'm sure DT and Ragin Cajun can come up with something, as they are into deathmatch competitions.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Avoiding Bad Trading Habits

Reader Fan Mail Q&A-

I'm a good scalper, with most days being profitable, but when I get down X amount of dollars, the emotions turn on, and I go on tilt and have a big blow up. What do you recommend I do?

Hi TraderJoe,
You are making the same mistakes that I have been making on this blog for years now. I would recommend setting a daily loss limit. Get a broker or software that has this feature. If you are not wise enough at setting daily loss limits then you will surely run into this bad habit again and eventually lose all your money.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

$200 loss per month?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
Benjamin Franklin

I like this quote. I'm not trading until I change.

I lost. I failed. I tried again. I failed. repeat that 6 times."
You still haven't accepted that fact. Pointing it out shows that you still haven't come to terms with the losses.


$200 stop loss per month is crazy. That would make trading incredibly boring.

Pro and Cory-
I'm up for the challenge.
Less blogging, more discipline, smaller size in trading.
There's worse things in life than losing money.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Call of the Warriors


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fuck Quiting

You can never win if you quit.
Losers make excuses, winners make it happen.
We fall down to learn how to pick ourselves up.
If you can overcome this, you will succeed.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Trading against the plan


I simply traded against my signals from frustration. The signals were Dam near perfect. It was all operator error. I completely lost it. I sold near the top of the day and got stopped out for 100 bucks. I then went long with large size out of frustration and my system then confirmed a sell signal. I didn't look at it. I ignored it. I just lost a bunch of money yesterday, and I wasn't going to loss money from another stupid stop getting hit. I sold the top. I canceled my traditional stop placement. This market is just fucking with me. It moves even farther against me. Before the market puts in its big drop in the afternoon I sell and take the loss knowing full good and well that my trade signals were right all along and that my original plan was correct. I could have reversed positions and made back all my money but the frustration was too much to handle. What hurt the most is that I didn't follow my plan. I tried to follow the plan, and then I got a small loss. I then went on tilt and blew it. I made the choice to not follow the plan. I chose to fuck up. I've blown up my account at least 6 times. All from deviating from the plan. This post is just like many I've written in the past. Another blow up with the same mistakes being repeated.

I lost A LOT. Not just money. I lost myself.
I simply went out of control. Cussing, screaming, throwing things, crying, punching myself in the head, bashing my head into the wood cabinet. I've had a migraine for 2 days.
How can you do that to yourself?
And you want to come back and trade?
Are you fucking out of your mind?
What will it take for you to admit you failed?
Congrats Bill, you won LT's bet. I blew up again. What the fuck do you people get out of this? HPT did it again, and that he's a fucking idiot. I've spent the last 3 years trying to improve my trading. If I'm not at work I'm in front of this computer working on my trading. I'm taking classes so I can learn how to program an automate a strategy. What I probably needed was a psychologist. Trading affected my grades in college. My grades my senior year in college dropped because I started spending time trading and reading all the trading books I could get my hands on. I thought I could make money in the market. I couldn't. I never learned. I guess people never change. How many times can someone fail and keep coming back? Is this an addiction, is this gambling?
When you fail it becomes gambling. When you come back and fail again it becomes an addiction. When you win, you are just lucky. When you win consistently without big blowups, you become a winner.
I wish I followed my trade signals. I wish I was a machine that would accept the small losses and let the winners run. I however am a human with emotions. Emotions that get in the way and fuck things up.

Help guide to Gambling Addiction

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I quit

I quit.
I'm not coming back.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Thank You.

I suck at trading

This market opened at its lows and is moving straight up off of FRE and FNM. I'm short and stupid.


LM is fucked.


Monday, May 05, 2008

May 5. YHOO and FRE trade of the day

There were easy setups in FRE and YHOO, but my goal today was to trade my futures setups.

I said I was going to watch this today. I probably should have shorted it. Oh'well.

ZF long scalp-

The Volatility in Crude Oil is too much for me to handle right now-

Should have used a wider stop and waited for financials to weaken more. Overall I disliked this stock and quit trading it because it seemed illiquid and choppy.

I got a little frustrated trading NQ from all my stops getting hit.

I got a buy signal on GC this morning at 864. Should have taken it.

NYSE A/D was in my favor for this short trade. Which was my easiest trade of the day.

Good trade on ER2. I added to this winner when it went about 7 ticks in my favor.

I need to start working on keeping half of my shares at breakeven incase I get a runner.

My avg.was about $200/day last month. So my goal this month is too achieve this number and focus more on trading index futures because I make the bulk of my profits trading ER2 and ZF. I'm quiting early today because the market seems very thin right now, which is probably due to some overseas markets that were closed.

Wheat bubble-

Rice Hype-

May 5 outlook


This morning we got ISM # and the Fed is Holding a TAF Auction at 10am EST. I feel bearish this morning. ES looks like it is going open with a gap down around 6-8pts. Apparently Japanese markets were closed for Greenery Day observation, so today could be a light volume day.

I'm going to be watching for weakness in Financial and Mortgage Investment sectors, Particularly FRE, FNM, LEH & C.

update: CFC and BAC look interesting.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Time to put on the Bear suit

I'm looking at my daily charts and I'm seeing setups for short trades.

I think gold will bounce, which partly makes me bullish on Crude Oil making new record highs in the coming months. Arghh!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trading morning Gaps with NYSE A/D

Sometimes NYSE A/D opens up in a high range of say 3-5. When NYSE A/D is above 3 I'm looking for long trades, however, on this type of trading day, this strategy would have done badly because the gap up in the morning open was faded. Considering NYSE A/D started out around 5/1 and quickly dropped into the 2/1 range, this would indicate the morning gap is getting faded and I want to follow my trade signals without a LONG bias. Overall, put less confidence in NYSE A/D levels when there is a morning gap because these gaps have a high probability of getting faded. Give the market about 45min from market open to see if the morning gap will hold.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Oil Pops

Today I totally sucked, but I ended positive. Yesterday I actually ended positive with 80 bucks but carried a loss into today of 300 bucks. I really need to work on my risk management and trade signals. I had the perfect short on POT, got stopped out for like 10 bucks, then I reversed long at the HOD, then added to that loser swearing all the way down. I'm so pissed at myself for not sticking with the original trade and I'm really pissed at adding to that loser. NEVER ADD TO LOSERS. I'm going to make a new trading template for my risk management based on NYSE A/D and the ATR of the
stock/futures I'm trading. I was long FEED at 17, and sold for 20 cents move. I'm stupid.

IB has new look to TWS, even the Simulator looks different.

What's with Gold and the Euro?

Well, not long after Gold hit $1000 an ounce we sold off hard. We are now trading around $850 and the US dollar has bounced well off its lows. I'm going to be watching for a possible bounce in Gold and the Euro in the near future.



Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day after FOMC

There seems to be a common pattern for the market to reverse directions the a day or two after the FOMC announcement, and that is what happened today. I held 150s of GS overnight and sold at the open at 192 for a break even trade. GS then climbed to as high as 199 before market close. Overall, I sucked bad today. Lost around $400 due to trying to short a low volume stock called FLS that never retraced after I shorted it. I should have used that stop I had originally planned, but I expected a pullback that never happened, also I lost my connection to IB which really pissed me off as I knew FLS was fucking me in the ass while I attempted to regain my connection.

Right about the time I took a snapshot of my monitor my connection to IB got disconnected and lasted for 45min, meanwhile FLS began to move against me.

Here's the stock I lost most my money on today (besides churning and losing money on ER2)

Oil Dropping to $110

Well, I feel real stupid now. Considering I had that short on crude oil at 115.5 a week ago, I could've made a lot of money (like 20k if I held to today). Last week I never heard so much media coverage on Oil, which to me marked a peak in Oil prices. I however put on a short position a couple days too soon that was too large for my account (short 4 contracts), and I exited as soon as I could for a small profit after having taking a lot of pain in holding the position for 4 days. I stopped trading Crude because I got scared. I got scared because I put on too large of a position. Risk management is my biggest barrier to success that I need to work on.

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