Friday, May 30, 2008

ETF's, Dividend stocks, and stock screener links

I'm opening up comments for non-gmail/blog users, but still moderating
Trade Ideas stock screener

NYSE Trading Falls to 7-Year Low

Nasdaq ETF HeatMap

I'm going to do some stock screening when the market closes and setup a herdstreet account to track the performance of my stock trading ideas.

MSN Deluxe Screener- (you need to use Internet explorer for the deluxe version with active X controls allowed, the MSN custom screener version sucks compared to the deluxe version)

ETF screen (compare ETF performance)

MSN ETF top performers

Some old but good trading links for dividend stocks

The problem with making viral Videos


Anonymous said...

blog with p/l

Unknown on 4:25 PM said...

I'm glad to see your back. I was just reading your old posts, and let me apologize for the hurtful comments I made so many years ago. I was on a lucky streak for a minute, and thought I was making it in the market.

Formerly tapeworm.

Btw, I was sincerely impressed with the one-handed pull ups. I tried doing that for several months after, and could never do it.

HPT on 1:36 PM said...

Thanks Johnny

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