Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fuck Quiting

You can never win if you quit.
Losers make excuses, winners make it happen.
We fall down to learn how to pick ourselves up.
If you can overcome this, you will succeed.


ainkurn on 5:35 AM said...

great attitude. you cant' make excuses for your mistakes, or you will never learn your lesson. Quitting is never the answer to success. Just trade your signals (especially in AAPL) and you will be fine.

Dinosaur Trader on 10:07 AM said...

You're definitely shaking your readership out, that's for sure...

Also, the "Mom, Thank you." post is one of those inadvertantly hilarious posts... it's all about the context.

Glad you're back... for now.


Unknown on 10:39 AM said...

Spin it anyway you wish ... I think you've become a hopeless addict.

You have undergone major psychological trauma, numerous times within the past several months.

Psychologically you can't be in the proper state of mind to make consistent money.

Hopping back on the horse isn't always the right answer ... at the very least put yourself on probation and paper trade until you have a proven record.

If you can't stick to the paper trading because it's "too boring" then you're hopelessly in it for the action.

Good luck.

blanchardrx7 on 11:34 AM said...

Please do not use vulgar or profane language on the web. This is my first time to this blog and I will not return.

Trading Goddess on 1:21 PM said...


cory on 7:03 PM said...

you can set $200 as max loss for a month, as soon as you reach it, stop. Then you should have easier time to study the market and sharpen your tools, good luck.

Bluedog on 7:15 PM said...

Rock 'n roll!

HPT on 7:29 PM said...

$200 max loss per month or day?

Cordwood curly,
Your a pussy, Be sure to call the internet cops.

Right on Bro.

cory on 5:06 AM said...

$200 max loss per month or day?

per month, let's say you reach max loss the first day of a month, that will leave 29 days to study and testing. This exercise forces you to make fewer but better trade. And if you are unable to do that then you are automatically back to studying mode.

matte351 on 9:02 AM said...

cory-- You obviously do not trade. Second, you likely lost all your money in the market and now believe a $200 buck stop will turn things around.

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