Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oil hits $135

I'm just waiting to see the day where Oil pops over $10 in a day and then hearing that some hedgefund blewup. After hearing the news, I plan on going short oil or long airlines. With hurricane season coming up, I have a hard time believing oil is going to stop going up just because its risen so much this year. I'm seeing more people selling their SUV's at huge discounts and more people riding scooters. Perhaps the run up in oil is a result of Al Gore and the Green party trying to stop global warming by pushing oil prices so high that it will force people to stop driving.

The makers of this video used my blowup video as a blue print.

I've been testing out Open E Cry's demo account
I like how the arrows are plotted right on the chart of the buy and sells and how you can place your orders on the chart. IMO, their chart trader is better looking than IB's.


tapeworm on 2:04 PM said...

i doubt it will repeat itself, but remember when katrina hit? oil popped and dropped...i can't wish for something like that to happen...however, wishing bad things on evil hedge funds is prolly alright

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