Friday, May 02, 2008

What's with Gold and the Euro?

Well, not long after Gold hit $1000 an ounce we sold off hard. We are now trading around $850 and the US dollar has bounced well off its lows. I'm going to be watching for a possible bounce in Gold and the Euro in the near future.




Anonymous said...

Dude, I was laughing my ass off at some of the chart annotations lately...great stuff. Exactly my problem lately. I have been working hard on better exit rules -- rules that would have kept me in a trade like FEED. From the chart, it looks like the PSAR would have kept you in...but I also know how difficult it is to rely on PSAR for exit/SL levels.

HPT on 10:26 AM said...

My goal is to start trading more based off indicators instead of discretionary.I have simply sucked trading discretionary lately, getting out of good winners and adding to losers. Overall most my money is coming from trading ER2 still.

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