Monday, June 02, 2008

Adult material being shown on Blog now.

Occasionally I'll come across some really funny stuff on the internet that is X rated that I want to share. Just basically really shocking pictures, it may be sexually related, someone getting OWND, or just something really weird. Anyway, I was thinking like a picture for the day, kinda like Trading Goddess does, except more twisted and not always hot chicks in bikinis and lingerie.

PS. I just visited Trading Goddess's website and there wasn't much clevage to be found and I noticed a shit load of Ads. The Boob to Ad ratio on this website is way out of wack, and if Trading Goddess wants to keep in the running for Top Trading Blog, things need to be corrected soon, because I certainly don't read anything on that website.

Also, Trading Fraternity and Trader Eyal have been added back to the Blog roll. I still hate both of you.

I noticed gas prices went up like another 15 cents this week in my city. I may start car pooling with my neighbor; Veronica, pictured here.


Unknown on 12:08 PM said...

Lol. Cheers.

tapeworm on 1:18 PM said...

i'm sorry to hear u hate me...i actually like u in a non-gay way

btw, how did u get a pic of amy?!? i knew i should have banged her if ur gonna make her famous!

HPT on 5:23 PM said...

I told Amy I wouldn't reveal her real name on the internet, but you kinda blew it now. She told me to tell you to fuck off.

PS-Amy if your reading, I'm sorry for what Tapeworm said, he can be a real jerk sometimes. Let me know if you want me to pick up your kids from daycare tomorrow.

tapeworm on 7:59 PM said...


Amy: sorry i didn't bang u!

tapeworm on 8:00 PM said...

btw, i love the new direction ur should be interesting to say the least

Bluedog on 8:08 PM said...

I think I passed her on the way to work this morning!

HPT on 8:14 PM said...

Well it appears we have some common interests besides trading. When I look at other blogs, I mainly look at the charts/pictures and skim thru the rest of the literature. If you figure the avg. reader only stays for 2-3min, you gotta make it interesting and jam as much cool stuff into that amount of time.

By the way, I like your recent posts too. I'll have to check out Tyro's new blog.

Anonymous said...


2 things,

1. You mention carpooling, but I only see "motor-boating."

2. I hope you're not about to get stuck in any long positions with everything set up to fail under the 200 day moving averages.

and I forgot

3. If you do blow up again, please post a video.

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